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Ball - 'It's time to act': Hamilton's reaction to the Pique controversy (Formula 1)

Ball – ‘It’s time to act’: Hamilton’s reaction to the Pique controversy (Formula 1)

Lewis Hamilton reacted to today’s controversy: former driver Nelson Piquet voted to use the word “neguinho” to refer to him in an interview in which he commented on an accident between the Briton and Max Verstappen, his brother-in-law. He also says that it was Hamilton who caused the accident, but what is controversial is the use of the slang word “neguinho”.

Without naming names, Hamilton says he’s struggled with “this kind of thing” his whole life.

Across several tweets, even one in Portuguese – “Let’s focus on changing our mindset” – Hamilton reacts to Pique’s remarks, even repeating a question: “Imagine Hamilton sending Pique a shit and then shutting down Twitter?”

“It is about more than language. These old mentalities have to change and have no place in our sport. I have been surrounded by these situations all my life, a long time to learn. It is time to act.”

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