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Ball - “Joao Felix is ​​playing well, but we have to find a place for him” (Atletico Madrid)

Ball – “Joao Felix is ​​playing well, but we have to find a place for him” (Atletico Madrid)

After two seasons with Atlético Madrid, Joao Felix is ​​still unable to justify the 126 million euros paid to Benfica in the summer of 2019. Between ups and downs in form and some injuries, the young Portuguese striker has been struggling with the imposition of Diego Simeone. , Coach mattresses, analyzed the situation in an interview with AS.

“We have to give him time. We don’t all mature in the same way, either at the men’s level or at the football level. He made a great start last season, but an ankle problem made it very difficult to put his game into action. Fans and commentators don’t even care, because they know He’s playing well and they just want to see him play.

– In some games, we didn’t put it down because we thought it couldn’t give us what we needed at a certain moment. I’m waiting for him, and I hope he has the regularity he had last October. He plays well, but you have to find a place for him. It does not matter the number of minutes, but their quality”, said the Argentine, emphasizing the spirit of sacrifice shown by the former Al-Nisour player.

“I have no doubt that he had a very good season from August to December, he had good levels of goals, assists, team play, he is smart, he knows what the team needs and what he has to do. The injury appeared, and for a player like him it is difficult to maintain On the level. He lives with dribbling, dealing with opponents, using his ankle to play. It was not easy to take the situation as he did. He was brave, don’t forget that he had to undergo surgery. I hope he maintains the necessary regularity,” he said.

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