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Ball - Jorge Jesus "We are still dreaming of second place" (Benfica)

Ball – Jorge Jesus “We are still dreaming of second place” (Benfica)

Anticipating Tuesday’s trip to Nacional, Jorge Jesus assumed he was still dreaming of finishing second.

“The expectations for the coach and the players at Benfica are always higher. You always have to play to win and when you have certain goals the responsibility increases. There are three matches left, but the responsibility is always to win. The opponent still dreams of staying in the league and we will play a match where we can dream that it is possible to reach the second place. Expectations are the best. In Chubana, it is always a difficult match for any opponent, “the suspected coach said, at a press conference.

On motivating players at this time of the tournament: “Of course, motivating players is through the goals they can achieve, but Benfica still has a very important goal, which is the second most important title in Portugal’s table. So, given that we are the last game and also have a challenge against the opponent, we have many indications that these players are always motivated to act. I cannot explain to this group that it was difficult to work, because they were always in love. When you have the health to do this. If they ranked until the match with FC Porto, they’d see who was first. “They had a behavior that I will never forget.”

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