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Ball - Jose Gomez sent off from Almeria: "I don't think so ..." (Spain)

Ball – Jose Gomez sent off from Almeria: “I don’t think so …” (Spain)

It wasn’t official yet, but Almeria had already informed Jose Gomez of the decision to remove him from the technical leadership of the team. The Portuguese coach said he did not understand the club’s design.

“It just doesn’t look good to me. We are in third place, we are the second team to score the most goals, we are helping a lot of young people to grow. The team is strong and ready for whatever comes and goes, ”he said this morning to the program Sports soundradio to be.

Almeria has suffered two defeats and allowed a draw twice in the last four matches, results that have left the team far from the first two places that allow them to reach the main level of Spanish football: they are third with 62 points, behind Espanyol (1st) and Mallorca (2), with a score 74 and 68 points, respectively, with six matches remaining.

According to the newspaper Brand, Djukic is the leading candidate for the position, although Robbie, Sanchez Flores and Michel are also names that are considered by the club’s direction.

Jose Gomez was the third coach to pass from Almeria after Pedro Emmanuel and Mario Silva, both of whom were last season.

Formal exit

Meanwhile, Almeria confirmed that he had agreed “by mutual agreement” to terminate the contract that had linked Jose Gomez to the club until the end of the season. The remaining technical team, consisting of Jorge Mendonca, Joao Benido, Andre Pique, Jorge Baptista, Claudio Lopez and Jaime Alberto Barbosa, is also leaving the club.

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“Almeria wants to publicly thank the professionalism, work and commitment that José Gómez and his technical team have shown at all times, which leaves our team in a climbing struggle, even though the flight in the last few days was not desired,” reads the statement.

The news was updated at 12.42 pm.