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Ball - Jurgen Klopp explains the bad moment with lack of confidence (Liverpool)

Ball – Jurgen Klopp explains the bad moment with lack of confidence (Liverpool)

After another gaffe in the English Premier League, this time not exceeding a three-goal draw in Brighton’s visit, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp explained the bad moment for the team that is ninth in the championship with 11 points (one point). game less) from the Arsenal leaderboard.

“Confidence is like a little flower and when someone steps in, it is very difficult. In our case, we want to restore and increase confidence, but it was clear that the first goal conceded especially well and then the second did not help,” the coach commented, after continuing to analyze the match: This match is different. Stories. There is the story of how we conceded two early goals and the story of our return to the match. I can’t say that I was 100% convinced that with a 3-2 win we would not have conceded a goal. Of course, we should have defended better in all three goals. , but in different areas of the field, not only at the last minute. This draw tasted like defeat, although it is not.”

Klopp admitted he was surprised and criticized the team: “Brighton’s strategy surprised us because we had no idea what they were going to do. We didn’t do well with the pass today and that can only be explained by the fact that we weren’t confident. I think we talked about controlling the game two or three years ago. It was definitely a time when we should have controlled the ball better, but we didn’t.”