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Ball – Klopp asks for some time to return to the “old” Liverpool: “With endless money it becomes easy…” (Liverpool)

Ball – Klopp asks for some time to return to the “old” Liverpool: “With endless money it becomes easy…” (Liverpool)

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp admitted the season had fallen far short of expectations for the team, which over the past few years has accustomed its supporters to terrible, attacking football and being present in title decisions: last season, reds They lost the Champions League final to Real Madrid and the English Premier League title to Manchester City, having won the FA Cup and League Cup.

This year, things are not going well and Diogo Jota’s team occupies a very modest 9th place, already 10 points away from reaching the Champions League.

In an interview with timesThe German asks for calm and above all time to find the “old” Liverpool.

“I have a big challenge ahead of me and I need time. That is why I signed the new contract (until 2026) because I know that reconstruction does not happen overnight. Imagine another coach was here and the situation was the same? I’ll be on vacation and the fans will call me. We’ve been through a lot of problems, a lot of injuries, and that didn’t help. I know that people in football only care about the short term but I also focus on the long term, ”he said, leaving a click on the Chelsea millionaire, who has already spent in the January market alone nearly 200 million euros.

“There are many ways to reinvent yourself and renew yourself. Chelsea have a new owner and nobody really knows how much money they will spend. They don’t like me talking about it, but any transfer takes time, when you have endless money it’s easier because you can snap your fingers and buy 10 players, ”the coach stressed.

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