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Ball – Koksu, extravagant goal that praises Frederik Ursnes (Benfica)

Ball – Koksu, extravagant goal that praises Frederik Ursnes (Benfica)

Orkun Kokçu, the 22-year-old central midfielder and captain of Feyenoord, has long been one of the players pointed out by Benfica to bolster their squad, but it was the Turkish international who scored 12 goals and five scored his championship this season. 44 assists for the Dutch) caused many other weight pennants to enter the race for the player and the price of Orkun Kokçu’s pass rose to values ​​\u200b\u200bof more than 30 million euros, which is prohibitive for SAD incarnate.

In recent weeks, Feyenoord coach Arne Sloot (who has just led the team to the title of national champion) has been appointed to English club Tottenham and it is said that Kokcu can accompany the coach.

However, the midfielder continues to be a target/dream for Benfica, who follow the player’s movements closely. And Kojo will also be aware of what is happening in the Red Club. According to an interview he recently gave in the Netherlands, Orkun Kokçu maintains regular contact with Fredrik Aursnes, a midfielder who moved to Benfica this season precisely from Feyenoord, with whom he also participated in the first two rounds of the Dutch Championship.

Who else did you enjoy playing in midfield? I must say it was with Frederick Ursnes. I even told him that when I arrived at the club, I didn’t know him as a player, but then … », the Turkish midfielder recalled, later praising the now Nusour player:

«…I didn’t know him until I saw him play! He lost a ball and with him on the field, everyone gave up so much more. The way he’s playing now for Benfica… I’m glad to appreciate him. We still have regular contact.” Kokçu is a highly sought-after player who is unlikely to ever wear red, but the incarnate SAD is determined to strengthen the midfield. Despite the various contacts, for this company and others, at this time, at Benfica, all attention remains Centered on the fight for the title.

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