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Ball - Lakers allow historic Thunders turnover (123-115) (NBA)

Ball – Lakers allow historic Thunders turnover (123-115) (NBA)

After a start to the season marked by an extremely negative record, the Lakers’ victories in their last two games (against the Memphis Grizzlies and Sporas) seemed to be the tonic that the Los Angeles team needed to avoid a results crunch. However, Wednesday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder proved that this isn’t actually a dream season for star team LeBron James, in a game in which the Lakers eventually defeated the Lakers 123-115.

On the trip to Oklahoma to face the Thunders, the Lakers did not get the help of the injured LeBron James, but they started the game well, reaching the end of the first half by 26 points (44-70). Los Angeles looked well on their way to winning, not only due to their comfortable lead on the scoreboard, but due to the fact that they were playing against a low-profile team with several young players who had yet to win a game this season.

The last two periods were completely disastrous for the Lakers, who ended up scoring only 20 points in the final period of the game, seeing Thunder gradually regain the difference in the score, the result of another good performance by the team’s star, Shay. Gilgus Alexander who scored 27 points in addition to Darius Bazley who scored 20 points for the home team. In the end, and despite Carmelo’s chance of regaining a tie near the end, the result actually ended with a smile for the Oklahoma team (123-115).

With this result, the Thunders team managed a turn at the Western Conference game. On the other hand, the Lakers suffered their third defeat in five games, and finished ninth on the same league table.

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