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Ball - Lions receive the Eagles at the beginning of the second stage (basketball)

Ball – Lions receive the Eagles at the beginning of the second stage (basketball)

Non-mathematical foul on Tanner Umledge.

Both teams made some offensive failures in the last moments. About two and a half minutes before the end of the first period, Sporting 11 Benfica 15.

Benfica is taking advantage of its best stage in this first period to reach the top with 6 points. 9-15.

Very well-balanced game in the first three minutes: Sporting 7 Benfica 6.

Match start!

Before the match began, there was a minute’s silence in memory of the late Roy Pinheiro, who died on Sunday, and who was the Basketball player for Sporting between 1974 and 1982, a period in which he won four national championships, four Portuguese Cups and three Lisbon Championships.

Sporting: Miguel Maria, Shakir Smith, Justin Toyo, Diogo Ventura, Antonio Monteiro, Tanner Omeled, Joao Fernandez, Daniel Rilvão, Diogo Araujo, Joshua Patton, Mica Downs and Daniel Machado

Fitness Trainer: Louis Magalhaes

Benfica: Frank Gaines, Aaron Broussard, Travis Munning, Jose Silva, Jose Barbosa, Ben Romdan, Diogo Gameiro, Joao Betino Gomez, Thomas Barroso, Arnette Holman, Wendell Lewis, Ivan Almeida

Fitness Trainer: Norberto Alves

the reviewer: Paulo Marquez, Pedro Maya and Vicente Jardim

There really is a difference!

It’s about a reunion between the Lions and the Eagles, as both teams measured strengths recently, on March 23rd. On that day came the victory of the aforementioned Benfica (89-73), in the match of the 16th round of the regular stage, which was held in Pavelhao Joao Rocha, in Alvalade. It was, arguably, the end of the malapata of the Reds against the eternal contender, because the green and white logo had won the last 10 (!) matches. It should be noted, as a matter of curiosity, that before this overwhelming series of Sporting derbies, Benfica won their last duel on November 2, 2019.

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It is mentioned that in the regular stage, Benfica managed to secure first place, with 41 points, as Sporting, who was in second place, but with the Reds taking advantage of the direct confrontation advantage (defeat to 63-74 in the first round, in Luz, winning 89 -73 in the second round, in the Faladi). Porto came third with 39 points, while Oliverense came fourth with 35 points.

The Lions and the Eagles are in Group A of this second stage, along with FC Porto and U de Oliveira, the two teams who will also face each other this afternoon (5pm), at the Dragao Arena, in Porto.

Joao Rocha Pavilion, in Lisbon, will host on Sunday (3 pm), another great derby of Portuguese basketball. Sporting and Benfica face each other at the start of the second stage of the national championship. BOLA will follow online all the action of the match. do not miss …

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