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Ball - Lucas Verissimo treats injury: "I will come back stronger" (Benfica)

Ball – Lucas Verissimo treats injury: “I will come back stronger” (Benfica)

Lucas Verissimo, 26, continues to recover from surgery on his right knee, after sustaining a ligament tear on November 7, 2021, Benfica Braga (6-1), for the tournament. The Brazilian defense center left the field in the 34th minute, and the memories of the moment and others are still vivid. The good and the bad.

“I always want something more in my career, but I never want to go a step further than my leg. I feel completely satisfied, I am very comfortable where I am, I am in one of the biggest clubs in Europe, it made my dream of playing for the national team come true. Unfortunately, it happened One of the worst things that could happen, in a jiffy, everything went down the drain.When the injury happened, I received a warm hug from my wife [Amanda]who was on the field. To this day, I can’t even look directly at this thing, it makes me shiver, it’s a very ugly thing to see,” he said, nonstop. “I told him: ‘Everything collapsed, and now we will start from scratch.’ She said: Was something in our life easy?

With a guarantee that he will not be ready for the new season in the normal situation, Lucas Verissimo is still considering his return. And what a comeback: “They told me I would come back stronger, even from a muscular point of view, but I thought it was just talk. But in that time I’m working on things I haven’t worked on and I feel like, I’m going to come back stronger.”

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