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Ball - Marseille-Sporting Direct (Youth League)

Ball – Marseille-Sporting Direct (Youth League)

Sporting will travel to Marseille on Tuesday, where they will play in the third round of the youth league. The Lions team tops Group D with 4 points, and France only one point.

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62- A yellow card for Caprice for a foul on Martim Marquez

61 – Yellow card for Diogo Cabral. You must help the Marseille goalkeeper.

60 – Sporting 0-6 goal by Afonso Moreira. Mateos Fernandez with Afonso Moreira’s header, who shoots for the first time

59 – Two exchanges at Sporting: Dario Isogo leaves, Joao Muniz enters; Outside Diogo Travasos in Martim Marquez.

52 – Substitution in Marseille: Bertelli leaves and enters the harvest

52 – A goal from Sporting 0-5 Rodrigo Ribeiro. Another attack by Diogo Cabral on the right, left for David Monteiro, this center into the area and Rodrigo Ribeiro headed for his third goal.

49- Sporting 0-4 goal by Rodrigo Ribeiro. A cross pass by Diogo Cabral from the right, in the far corner, Samuel Justo refocused to focus Rodrigo Ribeiro in the net to score another goal.

46 – Rodrigo Ribeiro falls in the Marseille region and orders the referee to go

46 – two substitutes for Marseille: Mohamed leaves, Lokoki enters; Civilian leaves and enters Bulmut

46 – Restart the game

break, 3-0. Two intermittent goals to end the first half made Sporting comfortable in the first half, and he completely dominated the French team

45 – Another minute to play.

45 – Diogo Cabral shot from the side

41- Athletic goal 0-3 by Mateos Fernandez. Mohamed lost the ball, Rodrygo recovered and left with a touch on the side, defeating Mateus Fernandez over Van Niek once more.

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40 – Goal from Sporting 0-2 by Samuel Justo. Played by Mateos Fernandez, he joins Rodrigo Ribeiro, but this ends up leaving Samuel Justo, the best placed, for the second goal.

36 – Gilberto Batista header after a corner a little to the side

34- Once again Afonso Moreira is a diabolical, middle and corner winner

32 – After a corner kick, Dário Essugo skips the first post, slightly to the side

28 – Another fast enemy of Afonso Moreira, disarmed in the French region by Nyakosi

26 – A goal from Sporting 0-1 by Rodrigo Ribeiro. Fantastic work by Afonso Moreira on the left, already in the area, the center of the small area and swerving Rodrigo´só.

25 – Tani tries from outside the area, holds Kali

22 – Almost scores Marseille! Gebreyesus shoots and Gilberto Batista is sent off almost on the line with Callai already beaten

21 – Yellow card for Dario Isogo

19 – Travasos Center is looking for Rodrigo Ribeiro, but the goalkeeper arrives first

18- Another shot to the side

11 – Midfielder Rodrigo Ribeiro but Diogo Cabral can’t deviate

1 – A dangerous shot from Diogo Travasos, goalkeeper Van Nik must beat the ball and block it

13:00 – The game begins

Field warm-up teams

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The difference is known:

OM Campus Sports Center in Marseille

Marseille: Van Nick, Muhammad, Saeed Mohammadi (centre), Nyakosi; Caprice, Bertelli, Traore, Soglo, Hadari; Tani and Gebrisos

Fitness Trainer: Michael Lebelev

Sporting: Diogo Calle, David Monteiro, Gilberto Batista, Renato Vega, Diogo Travasos; Samuel Gusto, Dario Isugu (c), Mateos Fernandez; Diogo Cabral, Rodrigo Ribeiro and Afonso Moreira

Fitness TrainerBy: Felipe Celicaya

Rule: Kaspar Sjoberg (Sweden)