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Ball - Miguel Braga accuses Sergio Conceicao of "playing maliciously" (Sporting)

Ball – Miguel Braga accuses Sergio Conceicao of “playing maliciously” (Sporting)

On Monday, Miguel Braga was making the usual commentary on Raio-X, on Sporting TV. It targeted the Lions club’s communications director, Sergio Conceicao, and the Porto coach’s statements regarding the El Classic events between the two clubs in the league.

“I was shocked by Sergio Conceicao’s words at the last press conference. Nobody takes the sporting merit of Sérgio Conceição, or jeopardizes his technical and tactical abilities, he is a great coach, he has proven that he, a person with responsibilities, really represents the national team, I have already mentioned the four goals of Germany which made him a special corner for all the Portuguese. The big question here is how he has the audacity to go into the meeting room in Empresa and say what he said, and say that he was not there, that he did not commit any verbal insults … I saw, in this I saw a case they did not tell me. This is one of those times when we have to separate our passion for football from certain events. In life, we all go through our bad moments, and we all have very good and less good moments. But you have to take your responsibilities, be a little man and admit your mistakes, there is no harm in that. It baffles me to see the coach of the national team go to a press conference to tell lies, and pretend, that’s what he did when he said he wasn’t where he was and that he didn’t insult a president. We cannot normalize insulting the coach or the president. One thing is what happens on the pitch, the players have high adrenaline, I can feel the emotion on the seats, on the pitch, there are no perfect beings, we have all had less happy moments in our lives. He could put it aside, he could have said ‘I said that at the last minute, after the match, he left me, I don’t remember what he said’, but that’s not what he did. It’s been several months and I don’t think he has memory problems, here we are in front of a character other than someone with memory problems. Wasn’t Vitor Baia there too? Isn’t Roy Sirqueira too? Maybe the cell phone has disappeared because of the magical qualities in the dragon, the dragon is a magical being, maybe we are facing magical qualities … We have to think about everything that happened after the match and what happened until today,” he shot.

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Finally, Miguel Braga highlighted the position of Joao Balenha, Bruno Tabata and Matthews Reyes, the athletes who were sanctioned.

Tabata, Matthew Reis and Ballinha confessed to what they had done, explained why they had done it, and were punished. The Porto players didn’t do that, Pepe didn’t even get punished, and it must have been Hugo Viana who snatched his boots, because Dr. FPF doctor Carlos Noronha, appointed by FC Porto, confirmed Hugo Viana’s injury, as seen by referee Joao Pinheiro, but what Pepe tried to explain to people was that Hugo Viana had gone into the locker room to mutilate himself with a shoe until then. I agree with Joao Pinheiro who will have to fire Pepe. These ideas take on a very fertile imagination. Roy Sirqueira also made a statement in which he said he had done nothing. Sérgio Conceição hasn’t said anything either, and there are many crazy people from the sport who think they’ve been insulted and attacked… Maybe Matthews Reyes sent him with his back to the FC Porto chair… It’s a matter of integrity: either the people are honest or not. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect in the world. We all make mistakes, but try to make fools of us all I don’t understand. It is a matter of integrity, of acknowledging your mistakes and actions. Just look at the facts and positions of the Sporting players involved and the behavior of those responsible for FC Porto. Athletes should not be attacked by anyone, fiasco, Hugo Viana has extraordinary psychic abilities, because he believes one thing and a bruise appears, confirmed by the FPF doctor appointed by the FC Porto and nothing happened. For FC Porto and its professionals, nothing is happening. Former national team player, national champion coach, full merit, be honest and admit what you do. At the end of the season, it’s sad to see these behaviors. Let’s not be fooled by the narrative that there are only five testimonials for people from Sporting. There is also a police report, maybe they should show what he says about his presence to Sergio Conceicao, the police report confirms his presence …

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It is reported that in the press conference for the match with Estoril, Sergio Conceicao denied the accusations. «. “There can be no policeman, league rep, photo, or reputable person who can say I did this or that or that someone did what is stated in the indictment,” the Dragons coach said.