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Ball - Nakajima faced the epidemic with great difficulty (Porto)

Ball – Nakajima faced the epidemic with great difficulty (Porto)

The facilities of the SAD of FC Porto, at Estádio do Dragão, at the Sport Training and Training Center PortoGaia, in Olival, as well as Portimonense, in Arena Portimão, have been the target of inspections by the Judicial Police (PJ). , In the scope of an investigation related to a test for the novel coronavirus conducted by Nakajima in January, which was allegedly rigged to allow the Japanese player to travel by plane outside of European space.

Law enforcement agencies announced dozens of home searches and clinical analysis laboratories in the Algarve and Porto, in an investigation that began with a trip abroad for the athlete, who was allegedly infected with the new coronavirus. PJ wants to try to understand whether the test result he was exposed to was still the Dragon player was cheated to allow him to head towards Dubai in order to sign a loan deal until the end of this season with Al Ain, since he has had room for maneuver in the team coached by Sergio Conceicao.

In a statement, PJ and the Public Ministry reported that the operation called Covid Free has teamed up with NIH’s Doctor Ricardo Jorge to “research, analyze and potentially confiscate documents and other evidence,” which will be analyzed later. .

The plane’s flight from Nakajima outside European space, which is allegedly infected (an act that could constitute the crime of spreading disease or changing analysis or prescription, punishable by one to eight years in prison) has raised many doubts, in addition to inspections at Dragao. Olival, similar actions have also been taken at Portimonense facilities, as the player’s manager, Theo Ryuki, who accompanied him on his January trip to the UAE, is the son of Portimonense’s major shareholder, who is also businessman Teodoro Fonseca.

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If there was a player in the world of FC Porto who did not have an easy relationship with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was Nakajima. At the time of the first mandatory retreat, which forced almost the entire country to stay at home for more than two months, the Japanese faced great difficulties because he was alone in his room with his wife and newborn daughter.

The fact that the woman is such a risky person – with respiratory problems – made the Japanese international so worried that he asked the technical team to continue training at home. Sergio Conceicao was at a loss and referred the matter to the SAD summit and decided to exclude the athlete from the working group, which weeks later would become a national champion, thanks to a good final point.

On the day of the title’s dedication, after the 2–0 victory over Sporting at Dragao Stadium, Nakajima refused to attend the cup and medal ceremony by Pedro Proinka, the Portuguese league president.

Dissatisfied with the lack of opportunities in Dragão, Nakajima asked SAD to exit the January market, and accept the invitation from Arab Al Ain. He made the trip to the UAE on January 13th and three days later it was announced as reinforcement from Al Ain, on loan from FC Porto.

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