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Ball - Nehemiah watches the Kings win from the bench in Los Angeles (NBA)

Ball – Nehemiah watches the Kings win from the bench in Los Angeles (NBA)

For the first time in 23 games with the Sacramento Kings since the 76th NBA regular season kicked off on October 19, Nemeas Quetta was prepared and was part of the squad for the match. It happened last night at Staples Center, where the Kings were defeating the Los Angeles Clippers, Tyron Lue deprived them of superstar Paul George by Tyron Lue and let them rest, 115-124 (21-29, 31-33, 24-27, 39-25) .

The 22-year-old Portuguese, who had already joined the team in Sacramento the day before if it was necessary to line up against the Lakers because one of the publications was in doubt about the match due to injury, but ended up unregistered and remained on the civilian bench, accompanying the group in The flight to Los Angeles.

This time he even wore the Kings 88’s white shirt and heated it up, but it would become one of the four items not used by Alvin Gentry, who at the end of the third quarter saw the team lead 76-99, but had to take precautions when the homeowners were still shrinking to 111- 119 with 1.42 minutes before the final whistle, and 115-124 with 21.5 seconds on the timer.

Kings (9v14d), since Gentry took over temporarily after Luke Walton was fired, has a record of three wins and three losses, all five starting players have had a minimum of 12 points, with an emphasis on D’Aaron Fox (24 points, 3 Rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals), Terrence Davis (23 points, 4 accuracy points), who was joined by substitute Devon Mitchell (20). Post-Richawn Holmes is also in focus (16 points, 11 hits, 3 rear).

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Luke Kennard (19 points, 4 scores), Terrence Mann (19 points, 4 scores, 4 secs) and Ivica Zubak (19 points, 7 secs) were all rated as the most productive men in the house.

Sacramento plays and faces the Clippers again on Sunday, but now he welcomes them to the Golden 1 position. Queta will likely return to the Stocktons with a goal for tomorrow’s home game against the South Bay Lakers, the leader (3 v-1 d) of the West Zone of the G league Showcase, and opponents who will return on Saturday to face off, are in the same booth. At this point, Kings (5v-3d) had fallen to fourth on the West Side.


Los Angeles Clippers – Sacramento Kings, 115 – 124

Boston Celtics – Philadelphia 76ers, 88 – 87

Miami Heat – Cleveland Cavaliers, 85-111

Milwaukee Bucks – Charlotte Hornets 127-125

New Orleans Pelicans – Dallas Mavericks, 107 – 139

Oklahoma City Thunder – Houston Rockets, 110-114

Indiana Pacers – Atlanta Hawks, 111-114

Orlando Magic – Denver Nuggets 108-103

Washington Wizards – Minnesota Timberwolves, 115-107