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Ball - Neymar in court: "I sign what my father tells me" (Spain)

Ball – Neymar in court: “I sign what my father tells me” (Spain)

Neymar arrived late to the second court hearing to investigate the outlines of his move from Santos to Barcelona in 2013, a fact that was condemned by Judge del Amo. “You certainly gain in one day what the other 32 accuse [no tribunal] in a year. here don’tOr not‘Be treated as another defendant in the same circumstances,’ criticized the judge.

In just five minutes, the player presented his version of the departure of Brazil to Spain, saying that it is his father who takes care of everything, but it is his will that prevailed.

“I learned about rumors from other clubs, but my dream was to sign for Barcelona and in 2013 I decided to go to Barcelona and leave Santos. Since I was a child I wanted to play there and always follow my heart,” he said, noting that he does not remember negotiations since 2011, including That’s a trip to Europe.

“I remember that there was interest from Real Madrid, I don’t remember the others. At the last moment it was Madrid or Barcelona, ​​but my heart made me go to Barcelona,” he explained, and was then asked if he had participated in renewal negotiations with Santos on the condition and salary increase, even 2014 instead of 2015. “All this is from my father’s dealings, I did not participate in the negotiations. I sign what he tells me.”

Then the player’s father was questioned, who explained some of the features:

«Agreement between Barcelona and N&N [empresa de Neymar e Nadine, pais do jogador) em 2011 foi para garantir que Neymar assinaria gratuitamente pelo Barça em 2014. Não foi compra, foi um acordo de prioridade. Um jogador tão grande como o Neymar… ele tinha propostas desde os 12 anos. Sempre que havia mercado aberto chegavam propostas. O Real Madrid fez ofertas desde 2009 [aqui contraria o testemunho de Florentino Pérez, presidente do Real Madrid, em notícia associada]But he always wanted to play for Barcelona.”

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Neymar Senior spoke about the change in terms agreed between N&N and Barcelona in 2011, with a salary increase upon Neymar’s arrival in Europe, noting that “it is normal for me to receive a recruitment bonus”: “My job is to get the best conditions for him. Things have changed, because in 2011 Neymar was a promise and in 2013 it was already a reality. I learned of my son’s desire to go to Barcelona and we decided to wait until the end of his contract with Santos, but in 2013, Santos and Barcelona decided to offer the deal.”