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Ball - Paulo Fonseca and defeat against PSG: "I can't be the first to show fear" (Lille)

Ball – Paulo Fonseca and defeat against PSG: “I can’t be the first to show fear” (Lille)

Paulo Fonseca did not hide his disappointment after losing to Paris Saint-Germain (1-7) in the third round of the French championship. After being called up to analyze the defeat, the Lille coach assumed the poor performance of the French national team.

“It’s complicated when you lose with these numbers. The players are sad, but we have to accept and respond. It’s easy to analyze the game: they worked better than us. We tried and it was for me the most important thing to realize that the team was trying. We still had some good moments, but The difference is too big…”, he said.

When asked about an overly ambitious game plan, Paulo Fonseca was decisive.

“Conceiving seven goals is an exaggeration, but I’m not upset with my players because they have stayed true to our philosophy. We are building a team and we can’t forget that we’ve played two good games before. And if I wanted to ask my players for courage, I couldn’t be the first. It shows fear. So why change things? I didn’t do it when we suffered right away, we always tried to press high and play with the ball and had good moments. We can do better defensively, it’s true, but we showed our identity and that gives me confidence in the future.”

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