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Ball - Paulo Fonseca: "Everything was fine" (Tottenham Hotspur)

Ball – Paulo Fonseca: “Everything was fine” (Tottenham Hotspur)

In an interview with SICI NewsCoach Paulo Fonseca has admitted his desire for a “great European project” and said he is one step closer to signing with Tottenham, who are currently coached by compatriot Nuno Espirito Santo. But negotiations collided when new Italian general manager Fabio Paracci, the former sporting director of Juventus for 11 years, entered the scene. “I agreed on everything, every detail, I was ready for a new adventure at Spurs, but with the general manager coming in we had some differences that were hard to overcome. I want to coach the best teams, but I can’t compromise my ideals and values ​​just because I want to coach the best teams,” the coach said. Great team coaching.

According to Paolo Fonseca, his ideas shared those of president Daniel Levy, but not those of general manager Fabio Barracci, who ended up splitting: “The truth is that the president and sporting director have always championed it. The team has to be offensive, it has to be an attractive and dominant team that goes in the direction of what my team is. With the entry of the General Manager things changed a bit, they wanted to go in another direction and it was not possible to develop something that I did not believe in ».

On the process of leaving Rome and signing Jose Mourinho, Paulo Fonseca can only say well about his compatriot as well as about Thiago Pinto, the new sporting director of the Italians: “Jose had a very correct attitude with me before he became official, it was nice to talk to me and explain the situation. I was always on top of the process, nothing was done without me, I was always very comfortable and Thiago Pinto was always in an unusual situation with me, with great honesty.”

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