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Ball - Peaceful Black Regarding Joao Ballenha and Robin Amorim (Sporting)

Ball – Peaceful Black Regarding Joao Ballenha and Robin Amorim (Sporting)

The match with Famalicão not only brought a fresh draw for Leo, but also some expectations about the position the Disciplinary Board would take, in principle, today, regarding the yellow card shown by Joao Palinha and the dismissal of Robin Amorim. At the end of the meeting.

According to our newspaper, Sporting and its legal office are calm about the future decision of the Federal Authority, awaiting the decision of the Disciplinary Board and its foundations to determine the next step that must be taken.

Regarding the player, Palinha saw in Famaliko a sixth yellow card this season. And it wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t known that after the fifth meeting, seen at the meeting with Boavista, at Estádio do Bessa, on January 26, he ended up not playing a punitive game as required by the disciplinary regulation. The midfielder’s appeal brought a controversial decision by TAD, which kept him a fifth yellow card but removed its suspensive effect, in a decision that both the federation and the disciplinary council appealed from. Therefore, it will be interesting to see the position of the disciplinary board, that is, if the sixth card remains with the Portuguese international player or will take another position, knowing that there is still no decision on the appeal.

Regarding the coach, having Robin Amorim on the bench for the next match, with Varensee in the Algarve, will always depend on what referee Roy Costa wrote in his report. The coach, who had previously received a yellow card in the second half, ended up sent off when he addressed Rui Costa at the end of the match, referring to the referee. This was Robin Amorim’s fourth dismissal of the season, and only one in the previous three League Cup final, with SC Braga, did not lead to suspension. In the first, after the classic with FC Porto, in Alvalade, the 36-year-old was suspended for six days; In the second, in the controversial game of Famalicão, he took, in addition to a fine, 15 days of suspension.

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