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Ball - Peppa remembers an episode of discrimination (Vitoria de Guimarães)

Ball – Peppa remembers an episode of discrimination (Vitoria de Guimarães)

In a post issued on the official page of the social network InstagramPeppa, coach of Vitoria de Guimarães, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, recalled an episode he went through at the beginning of his career and left “congratulations” to the League for “launching this important campaign to avoid situations” as he lived.

It can be read in the post of the current coach of the Conquerors:

“When I was 18, I already had a professional contract. I was earning very well at that time, 1200 companies a month, 6 thousand euros, and I decided to buy a house. I was looking at the houses and went to a place with comfortable clothes, like a young man does He was 18. He had a hat on his back, an earring, and was casual. I parked near a building and went to those little houses where there is usually someone to give information. I got there and started talking to a gentleman.
Good evening, I’d like to see an apartment. He looked me up and down and asked, “Would you like to see an apartment?” And I: “Yes, I’d like to see her, if possible.”

His response was that the apartments were too expensive for me. I told him: I didn’t ask for the price, I just wanted to see it. It’s just that I might not even care about the apartment, no matter its value. He again said it was expensive and they went back to face.

The natural thing for me was to reply and maybe argue, but by the way, I just walked away. Then I commented on an older friend, who told me I was doing really well and added, “You’ll put on your best clothes, don’t put on your hat, take off your earring and let’s go both of you. “
After two or three days I went back there with him and we caught the same guy. He did not recognize me anymore, he treated me in a very attentive, very helpful way, then this friend of mine started a conversation and suggested that I was a footballer and the man since then did not know how to treat me: a well-dressed footballer …
I even asked him, “Don’t you remember seeing me here a few days ago with a hat and earrings?”

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He was all confused, if there was a hole in there he would hide! Then I told him everything but respectfully. There I felt many things on my skin, like the stereotype created regarding the clothes used and I also felt racist.
I think the color of my skin affected the behavior of that professional who was there to sell the houses. I just wanted to buy a house.”

Here is the post: