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Ball - “Rafael Liao has the talent of Ronaldo” (AC Milan)

Ball – “Rafael Liao has the talent of Ronaldo” (AC Milan)

Rafael Leao is at the highest point, and after his performance against Verona, a match which Milan won 3-1, with the Portuguese providing assists, he is in the spotlight.

Thiago Fernandez, the former Sporting coach, who worked with the 22-year-old striker in the youth team, spoke to the Italian press about the player.

“Leao has the talent of Ronaldo, he has a talent for solving matches on his own. reminds me of phenomenon In speed, technique and explosiveness in the decisive part of the event, they are the qualities that have appeared, this season, every Sunday, which have led Milan to great results”, he stressed, in statements transmitted football italy.

The coach turned back and revealed a wisp of memories. “We are talking about a boy who is very special to me. I am happy with what he is doing. I met him when he was only 12-13 years old, and I coached him in almost every youth sports team until he debuted in the first team, he was just over 18 year. I can assure you that in Lisbon, only Cristiano Ronaldo was as talented as he was at that age.”

Seeing him now playing pool for Milan is a source of pride for Thiago Fernandez: “It’s very exciting, it makes up for the many working hours we spent together on the pitch. I hope you win the Scudetto. Rafael has the talent of playing for the best clubs in the world, from Real Madrid to Barcelona. I’m convinced he has an incredible career ahead of him.”