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Ball - Reactions to the Rui Costa interview: praise and criticism without 10 (Benfica)

Ball – Reactions to the Rui Costa interview: praise and criticism without 10 (Benfica)

Paula invited three famous Benfica fans to comment on Rui Costa’s interview, the day before yesterday, on BTV. There was praise, but also criticism after 90 minutes of explanations that Francisco Benitez, Gaspar Ramos and Vasco Mendonca are far from deserving a 10.

“There were things I liked to hear, others I didn’t like to hear at all, and there were things I would like to hear and not hear,” summed up A BOLA Francisco Benitez, of Servir o Benfica’s movement who went to vote with Rui Costa in last November’s election.

“I was pleased to know that the Statute Committee is progressing at a good pace and that at the end of February there will be a draft, an indication that we will have a structural document on Benfica’s life that can help us turn this dark page “,” he said, nonstop: I also loved hearing that the sport needs more attention and that they are going to open the wings to the fans, it’s a good idea. And the renovation of the indoor stadium… He said what he would do and I totally agree with him.”

In other subjects, he was very upset. “The review should be for the Benfica Group and it appears to be the case of the Public Prosecution Office (MP). The first three decades were analyzed to see if MP did a good job, now another 55…is this an audit? Benfica’s interest is to scrutinize the Benfica world, to find out whether there are crimes in the organization or not, in the relationship between employees, companies and suppliers,” he noted, continuing: “I also did not like that Benfica did not become an assistant in this process.” They insist on whitewashing the red card process, which is nothing, so it’s a personal matter for Vieira as he continues to push the situation with his stomach. And I didn’t like it either, and then something went wrong for Rui Costa, when he heard him say how contracts are signed, especially when buying players. So, but he’s in charge of football and signing contracts because he’s there if there’s no one to sign? »

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The declaration of absolute confidence in Domingos Soares de Oliveira was another negative point.
“He and Miguel Moreira are the only defendants who remained in Benfica and for a long time Domingos was unable to direct SAD,” he said.

Gaspar Ramos, the historical leader of the Vultures, found the interpretation of Jesus “a bit complicated” and considered that Rui Costa should have done better.

“He had an obligation not to allow this situation to happen in time, which was a sign of his credibility and Benfica. So from the experience you have, you don’t know what’s going on at the resort. At the very least, he should have been notified by the people in the structure, if they didn’t… I think the matter is poorly explained, even if it could have happened as he says, what should have happened” and noted that the process She was “a disgrace to all Benfiquistas”.

John Textor’s theme is worth reservations.

Vasco Mendonca, columnist for A BOLA, was also not happy with everything he heard.
“I loved the fact that Rui Costa introduced himself to the partners and invested time in it. It was an unusually long interview and I felt like it tried to cover many topics and provide a lot of clarification,” he said, before turning to criticism.

I did not like the way the signature on documents was described and that this did not equate to malicious behavior or wrong decision. As far as I understand that the official has no direct connection with everything that is happening, in an organization like Benfica, with Rui Costa’s role in SAD, who had the football purse, it’s hard to understand that someone says he signed papers but that doesn’t mean he had to Know what’s going on,” he explained.

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