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Ball - Return of four and debut in the selection of the national team (handball)

Ball – Return of four and debut in the selection of the national team (handball)

Paulo Jorge Pereira, coach of the national handball team, announced today, Monday, the list of players who have been called up for the final qualifying matches for the 2022 UEFA EURO.

The highlight is the return of Gilberto Duarte, Umberto Gomez, Alexis Borges, Sergio Barros and Miguel Espinha’s debut, while Diogo Valerio, Manuel Gaspar, Lionel Fernandez, André José, Thiago Rocha and Diogo Silva have been called to participate in the Olympiad before the tournament Games held in March.

In a draw to ensure sports qualification for the final stage of the European Championship, Portugal will face in the final rounds of Group Four the teams of Israel, in Tel Aviv, on Wednesday, and Lithuania, in Matosinhos, on Sunday.

Here is a list of 18 people who met:

A goal keeper: Umberto Gomez (Beauvoia), Gustavo Capdeville (Benfica) and Miguel Espinha (CB Huesca, Spain).

Tips: Diogo Branquino and Antonio Aria (Porto), Sergio Barros (Timisoara, Rome) and Pedro Portela (Tremblay, France).

Power plants: Miguel Martins and Roy Silva (Porto).

The Axes: Alexis Borges (Montpellier, France), Luis Fradi (Barcelona, ​​Spain), Dimaro Salina and Victor Ituriza (Porto).

the side: Alexandre Cavalcante (Nantes, France), André Gomes and Fabio Magalhaes (Porto), Bellon Moreira (Benfica) and Gilberto Duarte (Montpellier, France).

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