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Ball - Ricardo Horta dreams of moving and the World Cup in Qatar (SC Braga)

Ball – Ricardo Horta dreams of moving and the World Cup in Qatar (SC Braga)

If SC Braga had a closed league rating, fourth place wouldn’t slip away, and Ricardo Horta, the biggest star in the victory over FC Porto, is still judged by individual goals, even if they are not publicly expressed. They are touchable and can even motivate their fellow racers to reach for a great treasure.

The striker scored the 20th goal of the season, the 100th in a prolific career, which still allows for countless radiating goals. At 27, the oldest of Horta’s brothers, he is already an ambassador in the history of SC Braga, counting records that will keep him among the best to have passed through the club, an impact measured in matches, goals and assists.

There are only a few qualities left that would accurately qualify Ricciardo’s brilliance in the reality of Braga, now with 90 minutes of shots in six seasons. And still 42 passes. The latter part of La Liga challenges Horta in several areas and the striker has the resources to amplify his role. With three matches remaining, they can strive for the best goal record in a single season – they are four of the 24 signed in 2019/2020 -. He is probably the best Portuguese scorer in the league – he has 16, five more than Paulinho – and could defend an unprecedented position on the podium, because, at the moment, he is the third-best scorer in the tournament, surpassed only by Darwin and Taremi and under pressure Spaniard Fran Navarro (15).

There are imposed goals and greater incentives are on the horizon. He doesn’t know if he will stay in the quarry for another season – his price is high and the exit will never be easy, not least because he has renewed his contract until 2026 – Ricardo Horta, if he sees the rush to his services taking strong proportions in Antonio Salvador may have these three matches Only to become a beast in the club’s history, with only two goals separating him from Mario Larango, the Warriors’ greatest goalscorer of all time – 92 goals between 1946 and 1954.

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Belenenses SAD, Arouca and Famalicão could bid you historic farewell if millions arrived providing an extraordinary move into the arsenal vaults. Horta will smile if he reaches a major league and is excited not to give up his presence at the Qatar World Cup.