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Ball - Rio Ave leader does not hesitate (League 2)

Ball – Rio Ave leader does not hesitate (League 2)

In a match from Round 28 of Liga 2, Rio Ave greeted Trofense in a match in which the Vilacondenses had to sweat to collect the three points, with the only goal scored from a penalty kick.

Six minutes later, referee Nuno Almeida took advantage of the pause in the match – Pedro Mendes (Rio Ave) was assisted – to allow Youssef Chau and Elias Achouri, both starters at Trovinci, to eat, considering that they are during Ramadan. (They only eat when the sun goes down), and in the 25th minute Rio Ave suffered a setback in the 25th minute, with Fabrice Olinga leaving through injury, at a time when he was one of the best players on the field.

Villacondensz scored in the 35th minute through Aziz from a penalty kick to punish Caio Marcelo’s overthrow in front of Gabrielzinho. Even when the curtain came down on the break, Pedro Mendes responded well to a beautiful cross from Costaina, but the ball went just over the post.

In the second stage, Rio Ave continued to lead the match, but without being able to create a danger near the goal of Trofense, who tried, at least, to equalize, but the closest they reached was at 79, with Capita deviation, back heel, after A cross from Keffel Resende, the ball went to the side net.

Thus, Rio Ave remains in the lead with 57 points (17 victories, six draws and five defeats), while Trovenis remains in the 14th place (28 points).