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Ball - Robin Amorim "makes a teaser" about Egeo and calls out: "Summon stubbornness, inexperience, character..." (Sporting)

Ball – Robin Amorim “makes a teaser” about Egeo and calls out: “Summon stubbornness, inexperience, character…” (Sporting)

Ricardo Esgayo’s moment was the dominant topic in Ruben Amorim’s pre-match press conference against Varzim, which on Sunday marked Sporting’s debut in the Portuguese Cup.

The winger was criticized for being sent off in the match with Marseille and deserved a strong defense from the coach shortly after the Champions League match. But will you play against Farzim?

“She just waits for the match and they will see what I thought was the best way to manage Esgaio. One day they go and they will have the answer,” he shot Robin Amorim, noting:

“The main thing is to focus on the game. The past is gone, this happened last week and my way of managing is just thinking about this game. From now on, the idea is that we will all do better with Sporting, be better and win more consecutive games. Focus Now he is working on this game with Varzim and nothing else.”

When asked directly about his words at the end of the match with Marseille about Ricardo Esgaio, as well as about Paulinho, Ruben Amorim still shot: “Regarding the candidates, I have always said that I have a lot of flaws. Call him stubborn or not, but sometimes I still I make it worse when something happens. It’s the inexperience, it’s the character…sometimes it goes well, other times it goes wrong. I totally understand what the fans feel, the disappointment, the frustration, I feel that too, it became so clear, But the only way to change this is to win matches. I can always have the same situations, which are seen in different ways, depending on the results. But I say again that the fans have every reason to be upset, especially with the coach, because we don’t win games in a row and lose games at all. competitions. However, the important thing is to stay focused. There is a lot to win, so let’s move on.”

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