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Ball - Ruben Amorim talks about the delay and accuses Marseille of "lack of humility" (Sporting)

Ball – Ruben Amorim talks about the delay and accuses Marseille of “lack of humility” (Sporting)

Ruben Amorim’s comments after the 1-4 defeat in Marseille.

Delay in arriving at the stadium: The delay was due to overcrowding. There is a meeting between the members of the two clubs and UEFA in which they explain how many minutes it takes to leave the hotel and reach the stadium. It is a thoughtful thing. We arrived late because we were completely stuck in traffic. It’s not our fault, we sent the team in 45 minutes, warmed up, tied the feet, massaged and mentally activated, I don’t want anyone from Sporting to complain about that. But the tone of the people of Marseille as if it was our fault… They lacked a bit of humility and I hope the same won’t happen to them. And when they talk to us as if we have to blame, he loses track…. And the people at UEFA should have that sensitivity because we’re always talking about business, that Superliga was just business and at the moment it’s all the same. What we were doing was protecting the players, tying the feet, massaging, and warming up. We are the ones who got hurt because we didn’t have time. I know it’s annoying for Marseille because they don’t know when to warm up but it’s not our fault and we’re sorry we’re late. We want to comply with all the rules. It was not our fault, we did everything according to the rules. ”

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