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Ball - Rui Costa in contact with Ricardo Horta (Benfica)

Ball – Rui Costa in contact with Ricardo Horta (Benfica)

Benfica’s interest in Ricardo Horta is not new, but the SC Braga striker has great admiration in the current president of the Eagles, Rui Costa, and the possibility of a move to Luz again is a possible scenario, especially at a time when Benfica desires it. You have a new coach next season and they are sure to make a big reshape for the current squad.

The attacker, as A BOLA learned, has been a subject of discussion between the two presidents, but still without concrete business rules. Despite being at an impressive stage in his career, Riccardo Horta is 27 and Benfica would not be willing to go forward with a very high proposition for the player, as he will likely only be able to expect a sporting income from him, not a future transfer. profitable.

And here will be the problem of hiring the person that Rui Costa has been wanting for some time. Antonio Salvador, president of Braga club, will demand the value of the player’s pass around 15 million euros. A value that can be curtailed, through negotiations and various mechanisms, but it will oblige the embodied SAD to make a financial effort. Everything will also depend on what Roger Schmidt wants and who will leave the team at the end of this season.

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