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Ball - Sa Pinto talks about the revolution in the resort (Morriense)

Ball – Sa Pinto talks about the revolution in the resort (Morriense)

Riccardo Sa Pinto is aware of the difficulties awaiting Moreirense in this league final, but the last-place coach refuses to give up and understands that the match against Gil Vicente is an opportunity to start a cycle that will end in success.

“We believe in what we have trained this week, we can surprise and come out victorious. We continue to work on our team process. It is more solid from game to game, in terms of quality and management. We have to improve the offensive process, because we did not define it in the best way. We were lacking some happiness, Which I hope will come in the next match”, the coach indicated the meaning of the challenge he is facing, adding:« Enough of many good things, time to reward. Our team is not the best, but it is not the worst in this league. We have enough quality to stay in this league. Well deservedly, but the road will be difficult. We think we don’t deserve to go through this situation, there is a revolution in the dressing room.”

The image of Ricardo Sa Pinto was restored in a dialogue with Moreirense fans, at the end of the last match, and the coach revealed his message. “Our fans are excited, and they live for the club. They want to feel like we believe, that’s what I went on to tell them. I would like to be closer to their victory. I have a desire to win that you can’t imagine, it was difficult to manage. I will be close to them to win, it could be in Next match,” he said.

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