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Ball - «Sarabia?  The same thing happened with Joao Mario » (Sporting)

Ball – «Sarabia? The same thing happened with Joao Mario » (Sporting)

Ruben Amorim assumed that Spanish midfielder Pablo Sarabia, who arrived at Sporting at the start of the season on loan from Paris Saint-Germain, was unlikely to continue at Alvalade next season.

It is a very obvious fact to us. It is the president (Frederico Varandas) who transmits the transmission to Hugo Viana (Director of Sport) and the latter to the coach. We have a level we will never cross with anyone. It happened last year with Joao Mario [estava emprestado pelo Inter e foi depois contratado pelo Benfica]. You can’t even have this conversation because it’s a line that doesn’t cross. I do not know tomorrow, but we know the reality of the football world and our world is completely different from the big clubs in Europe”, he began by saying in a press conference, before focusing his speech on the continuity of Sarabia:

“I see it with great difficulty, so let’s make the most of it. We know the timing of the club and if we have to find solutions, that’s what we will do. I am very happy to play six more matches in the tournament and if all goes well I will enjoy two more matches in the Portuguese Cup. Then you will see.”

Asked if the Spaniard, given Sarabia’s performance, is Sporting’s biggest deal since his arrival at the club:

“I wouldn’t say it’s the biggest deal because I see Pedro Gonçalves, Ugarte, Nuno Santos and they have all contributed tremendously to the team and have grown a lot. They were signings and we’ll get, maybe when I leave (laughs), because I don’t want them to sell them while I’m here, money back.” Sarabia is a loan and I can’t say it’s the biggest signature. He made a great contribution, but I see him on the same level as Pedro Gonçalves, Nuno Santos, Tabata and Matthews Reis, who came at no cost and has the income that he has. I don’t like to count because I can forget some, So I put them all on the same level.”

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