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Ball - Sequera signed for Real Madrid and ended up with an eagle on his chest (Benfica)

Ball – Sequera signed for Real Madrid and ended up with an eagle on his chest (Benfica)

The Brazilian left-back signed with Benfica in 2013/14, according to the Spanish newspaper BrandSiqueira recalled moving to Benfica that season and how close he came to joining Real Madrid.

“On the morning of August 31, my agent called me to tell me about Benfica. I told him: Let’s go. When we were on the plane, there was a proposal from Manchester United made by Fabio Coentrao and Real Madrid called me. They want you to go there. It was like a prize. When I got to Lisbon, I got calls from the president of Granada, my clients, and of course people from Portugal. I signed a contract at Lisbon Airport with Real Madrid and waited to see what happens. Like in Spain, it’s an hour longer [em relação a Portugal]I had time in case things didn’t go well,” he began telling the Brazilian.

Indeed, the potential entry to Real Madrid was not in the best way, so the Brazilian ended up heading to Luz: “The president of Granada called me to congratulate me, that all that was missing was the Real Madrid document. Suddenly, after a few minutes, they called to say that the La Liga would not accept The document was due to time. Then José Angel Sanchez called me to ask me to return. But I knew about Benfica’s interest, how much they wanted me and said ‘Something tells me I should stay in Portugal.’ I stayed, and in the end, everything went well.”

Sequeira, who retired five years ago, would have won the tournament and the Portuguese Cup with the Eagles that season.

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