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Ball – Sérgio Conceição goes for the classics of the 20th (and has a pretty decent balance) (FC Porto)

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Sérgio Conceição is preparing for the 20th derby of his career at FC Porto As far as the league matches are concerned, history largely goes to Coach Dragons: in 19 matches played on the blue and white bench against the other two greats of Portuguese football, they have racked up eight wins, nine draws and just two defeats. Both with Benfica in the 2018/19 season.

Although he is not a fan of statistics and has said more than once that the records and other important numbers he has added only make sense if he achieves the big goal at the end of the season, with trophies for the club, Sergio. Conceição advances to another classic game with a very favorable balance, but what interests him most is a positive result in Estádio da Luz, allowing him to secure first place in the league.

The Coimbra-born coach 47 years ago has won the league title twice in the five years he has coached the Whites and the Blues, winning the 2019/2020 season, with his home and away victories over Sporting and Benfica. Last season, there was another curiosity, with a draw in all league matches against rivals from Lisbon.

Regarding the current campaign, Porto tied with Sporting in Alvalade and in Dragao, beating Benfica in the first round with a score of 3-1, with goals by Fabio Vieira (34), Pepe (37) and Taremi (69).

By the way, still for Benfica, Sergio Conceicao’s balance is also interesting, having achieved eight victories in 13 matches played in various competitions. Defeats only those already mentioned in 2018/19, the only season in which the balance against the other greats was negative, even in terms of goals scored and conceded (3-4) – the Whites and the Blues finished the tournament in second place.

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On Saturday, in Luz, a draw with Benfica will be enough for the Dragon to sigh in relief and take back the maximum trophy of Portuguese football for his museum – even a defeat could celebrate, if Sporting did not win -, knowing that in the Bank he would be a true master of the classics, as the numbers attest.

1 01/10/17 League (8 c.) Sporting (P) And 0-0
two 12/01/17 League (13th J.) Benfica (c) And 0-0
3 02/03/18 League (25J) Sporting (c) Fifth 2-1
4 04/15/18 League (30 J) Benfica (female) Fifth 1-0
5 10/07/18 League (seventh c.) Benfica (female) Dr 0-1
6 01/12/19 League (17 J) Sporting (P) And 0-0
7 02/03/19 League (24 c.) Benfica (c) Dr 1-2
8 05/18/19 League (34 c.) Sporting (c) Fifth 2-1
9 08/24/19 League (3rd J.) Benfica (female) Fifth 2-0
10 01/05/20 League (15 c.) Sporting (P) Fifth 2-1
11 02/08/20 League (20 c.) Benfica (c) Fifth 3-2
12 07/15/20 League (32 c.) Sporting (c) Fifth 2-0
13 10/17/20 League (fourth) Sporting (P) And 2-2
14 01/15/21 League (14 c.) Benfica (c) And 1-1
15th 02/27/21 League (21 c.) Sporting (c) And 0-0
16 05/06/21 League (31 c.) Benfica (female) And 1-1
17 9/11/21 League (fifth c.) Sporting (P) And 1-1
18 12/30/21 League (16 c.) Benfica (c) Fifth 3-1
19 02/11/22 League (22 c.) Sporting (c) And 2-2

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