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Ball - "Sharing the field with LeBron is unimaginable" (NBA)

Ball – “Sharing the field with LeBron is unimaginable” (NBA)

Neemias Queta assessed the start of the season in the NBA as he made history by becoming the first Portuguese player to play in the major basketball league in the world.

If I had been told four or five years ago that I would, I would not have believed it. The Sacramentos Kings, referring to the victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, said that it gives another joy and more desire to continue working to be able to develop and reach a different level.”: “It is unimaginable!”

Having fulfilled his dream of playing in the NBA, Nemeas is now focusing on other goals: “One of my goals was to get into the first team and spend a few minutes on the field. I think I made it and will move on to other goals.”

One of these goals is All-Star play and campaigning on social networks to encourage voting for Nehemiah makes him sensitive: “He will be remembered. I like the idea of ​​people voting for me, but I’m increasingly focused on helping the team win because it also makes it easier for a teammate to make all-stars.”

Nehemiah also revealed that he “learned a lot from all the participation in the team” and received a lot of support from coach Alvin Gentry who “encouraged” him, conveyed “great confidence” and asked him to “keep working”. Because the opportunity will come.”

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