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Ball - Solskjaer's reaction to the expulsion (Manchester United)

Ball – Solskjaer’s reaction to the expulsion (Manchester United)

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has sent his resignation as the Manchester United boss announced, with a farewell message to the group.

“As I told you this morning, trust yourself, you know we are better than this. We could not show it, but the players should enjoy representing Manchester United, in the Champions League, on the bigger stage,” the Norwegian coach said in an interview with the club’s official channels. .

“It will be fine with Michael Carrick and I will watch and support her. I am a Manchester United fan and I wish all the best to the players. They are great players and good people. Things will start to get better”, he said, confident that he could not resist another negative result this season: defeat 1 -4 at Watford.

“They know what this club means to me and what I wanted to achieve here. For the club, for the fans, for the players, for Work crew. I wish we had taken the next step to fight for the league and win titles. I do not want to answer everything … There will be journalists who will ask me to give interviews, but no, I will not give interviews. I’m walking out the front door, because they know I did everything I had for this club,” he stated, with a clear conscience.

“I am very proud to coach Manchester United. Of course, it is one of those things that you dream about in life. When you are a player, when you are coach of the reserve team. It was so much fun, from the first minute to the next, so I have to thank all the players because, since, That I joined, they were the best and the best. Some came, others left, but they all made up a very nice group to work with,” added Solskjaer.

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