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Ball - Sporting - Benfica direct (Football)

Ball – Sporting – Benfica direct (Football)

Good afternoon. Sporting receives Benfica today in Alcochet, at 3 pm, in the match of the 19th round of the southern region of the junior national championship. The match, which will be held at the Aurelio Pereira stadium, will be between the leaders of the standings, Benfica, against the most direct pursuers, the Lions, who have four fewer points.

You can follow the main events of the match here:

30′ Benfica scores! 1-1. This time Francolino did not forgive Djo. The striker, with a shot without preparation, very strong and with a left foot, manages to surprise Joao Pereira and Eduardo Barbosa and leaves everything intact in Alcochet!

26′ Francolino Diego still put the ball past Francisco Silva, but the move was negated by offside. Black scare.

22 ‘ Marco Cruz enters the zone and almost increases the Lions advantage. Great danger to vultures.

21′ Sporting is going through the best moment of the match! Luis Gomez gives it to Islapa Mane and the latter, in the left lane, shoots toward the area where Samuel Gusto arrives a little late!

15′ Athletic Results. 1-0! Luis Gomez puts black in the foreground! Alexander Sandal’s airship in the area, it seemed to be under control, but after a bit of hesitation, everything became complicated. The Leonine striker, with a light touch, swerved and left Sporting in front of the mark. The seventh goal by Luis Gomez this season.

12′ Sporting responded by risking Thiago Augusto with a shot outside the area.

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9′ The first shot of the match for Francolino Djo. The red striker gains space on the left flank and hits a cross. The ball passes near the goalpost Francisco Silva.

5′ The first five minutes are very quiet in Alcochete. Two teams with identical systems (4x3x3) are playing with many duels in the middle of the field and still without chances to score.

1 ‘ The ball is already rolling in Alcochete!

Note the presence of Rúben Amorim and Hugo Viana in the Alcochete stands who will be attentive spectators.

The teams are already on the field and the start whistle follows

Eleven are already known:

Sporting: Francisco Silva, Gonzalo Braga, Joao Pereira, Emmanuel Fernandez, David Moreira, Eduardo Barbosa, Luis Gomez, Marco Cruz, Samuel Gusto, Thiago Augusto, Espa Mane

Alternatives: Pedro Megues, Etienne Catena, Oscar Garcia, David Monteiro, Thiago Octavio, Afonso Moreira and Andre Gonçalves.

Benfica: Alexander Sandal, Diogo Spencer, Rafael Afonso, Jose Muller, Martem Ferreira, Diogo Priust, Ricardo Nobrega, Joao Veloso, Francolino Djo, Hugo Felix, Joao Rego

Alternatives: Thiago Pereira, Vladimir Mendes, Hugo Faria, Almara Gabi, Miguel Pinto, Jose Marquez and Iori Moreira