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Ball - Sporting - Benfica Live (Youth League)

Ball – Sporting – Benfica Live (Youth League)

45+1′: Alcochete’s fracture. Benfica is taking advantage of the break.

45′: There will be a minute of extra time in the first half.

42′: Favorable corner for the Eagles, with Martim Neto in the penalty kick, to the heart of the area, and Kalay held it safely.

39′: Jevsinac (Benfica) takes a free kick against Mateos Fernandez.

Sporting’s first player, Pedro Borro, sat on the bench to watch the match, as did Aurelio Pereira, Manuel Fernandez and Jose Cocero.

33 ‘: Fantastic work by Miguel Menino, left, with the Trevilla cross, after digging a tunnel to Joao Tomei, which was cut by Rafael Rodriguez.

29′: Yellow card to Pedro Santos after the goal celebrations.

29 minutes: Benfica goal (0-1) by Pedro Santos with a shot at the far post after a cross from Diego Moreira on the left.

27′: Benfica responded, Luis Semedo also fired from long distance and forced Diego Calle to take a good hit.

26′: Rodrigo Ribeiro shot from outside the area over the bar.

25 minutes: Foul by Diego Moreira (Benfica) on Gonzalo Esteves.

23 minutes: Corner for Benfica, taken by Martim Neto, with the ball still being touched by Joao Tome, but it did not take towards the goal.

19′: Offside referred to Diego Moreira (Benfica).

16 minutes: No registration opportunities have been registered.

Sporting is pressing the midfield, forcing Benfica to fall back more than once.

8′: Foul by João Tomé (Benfica) on Diogo Cabral, Headsfighting, both need medical help.

5′: Pedro Santos (Benfica) takes a free kick on Diogo Cabral.

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In these first minutes, Benfica is more pressing.

two’: Nazinho’s mistake on Joao Tome. The referee warned the Leonine player.

1 ‘: Start game. Sporting got off the ball.

Captain Diogo Calai (Sporting) and Thomas Araujo (Benfica) choose the pitch.

Sporting’s head coach, Ruben Amorim, is on the bench with President Federico Varandas, Vice President Francisco Salgado Zinha and sporting director Hugo Viana. The second team coach, Felipe Celikaya, also attended.

Teams line up in the tunnel to enter the stadium.

Sporting and Benfica will face each other, on Wednesday, at the Aurelio Pereira stadium, from 3 pm, in the quarter-final match of the UEFA Youth League.

Tickets have been sold out for this match, which will be led by Slovenian referee Rade Obrenovic, who will be assisted by his compatriots Grega Cordes and David Gabović, while Portuguese Miguel Bertolo Nogueira will be the fourth official.

It is said that the winner of the derby will face Juventus in the semi-finals on April 22, while the other semi-final match will be held between Atlético. Madrid and Salzburg. The final is scheduled to take place on April 25 at the Colouvray Sports Center in Nyon, Switzerland.

This is the first time the two teams have faced each other in the European Championships, with Sporting trying, for the first time, to reach the semi-finals, while Benfica have already reached the final three times: Barcelona (2013/2014), Salzburg (2016/2017) and Real Madrid (2019/2020).

Meet the eleven members of the team:

Sporting: Diego Callay, Gonzalo Esteves, Chico Lamba, Rafael Fernandez and Flavio Naziño; Renato Vega, Dario Isugu and Mateos Fernandez; Diogo Cabral, Miguel Menino and Rodrigo Ribeiro.

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Substitutes: Diogo Pinto, Diogo Travasos, Gilberto Batista, Joao Daniel, Lucas Dias, Kiko Felix and Youssef Chermiti.

Benfica: Samuel Soares, Joao Tome, Thomas Araujo, Antonio Silva and Rafael Rodriguez; Jevsinak, Martim Netto, and Cher Ndour; Diego Moreira, Pedro Santos and Luis Semedo.

Substitutes: Andre Gomez, Martim Ferreira, Nuno Felix, Hugo Felix, Ricardo Marquez, Francolino Djo and Joao Resende.

Follow here all the proceedings of the meeting.