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Ball - Sporting suffers an unprecedented consecutive defeat (basketball)

Ball – Sporting suffers an unprecedented consecutive defeat (basketball)

With Mica Downs (5 points, 4 rebounds) losing a three-point shot at the final whistle that would have taken the match into overtime, Olivers defeated Sporting 69-66 in a match that counted for the second round of Group A. From the second stage of the Betclic League and achieved an unprecedented consecutive defeat this season. In the previous round, they lost to Benfica 76-90.

In fact, the last time this happened was in last season’s final match against FC Porto, games 2 and 3. And Sporting is now in danger of falling to third in Group A if Porto win on Sunday. Benfica.

The Lions, who was 3.23 minutes from the final whistle, lead 62-66 after the 0-9 partial with three goals from Diogo Araujo (10) and Miguel Cardoso (4), never managed to achieve the result again while on the opposite side Sean Willett (21 points , Rs 12) and Derek Coulter (7 points, 5 donkey) ended up resolving the dispute, although in the final seconds the latter missed two free throws on different occasions that could have avoided choking Downs’ triple.

In Oliveira de Azeméis, who have spent almost the entire match at the top of the scoreboard since 9-0, they managed 11 (19-8) and never found themselves at a disadvantage more than 4 points (48-52 and 62-64) , Ricardo Monteiro 16 points (2 precision) 5/5 on 2.

The Lisbon players, still without injured Travant Williams and also denied Tanner Omeled, only in the second half gave, to the spaces, some pictures of the team defending him able to change the mark and this made him a national champion, but errors and poor shooting decisions have been consistent since the opening fourth .

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Diogo Ventura (16 points, 6 points, 2 donkeys), Shakir Smith (7 points, 7 donkeys) and later Araujo tried to fight off the poor quality presented and still held some hope off the bench, however, it didn’t come up against Oliverness who he believed in Always, although, especially in the first half (37-36), he also left a lot to be desired.