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Ball - St.  Ghost was able to use tweezers (Sporting)

Ball – St. Ghost was able to use tweezers (Sporting)

It was Sporting’s biggest investment in the summer market (SAD paid the Germans from Mainz €9.5m, in a deal that could amount to 12 by hitting targets), and it was also the first signing the Lions declared their long-time possession. His eyes on him to strengthen the defensive sector, but the fact is that Saint Jeremiah. Ghost takes some time to impose himself on Team Leonen. Not because of a lack of quality, but because of his still weak physical condition, with Dutch center back Robin Amorim training with pliers.

After the 2021/2022 season, still at Mainz, in which he did not play much and even had surgery twice for shoulder injuries, his first season with a lion on his chest was not easy. He practically missed the entire pre-season due to a painful sprain in his right ankle that prevented him from training throughout July, and in September, due to an overload of his left thigh, he had to stop again, only returning to compete against Gil Vicente.

But gradually St. Juste is gaining the physical levels required to be able to withstand the 90-minute requirement, thus, his return to competition has been progressive.

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