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Ball - Steve Curry continues to pursue Ray Allen (NBA)

Ball – Steve Curry continues to pursue Ray Allen (NBA)

The Golden State Warriors are looking to avoid a second consecutive defeat – unprecedented this season – at the Orlando Magic’s reception, at the meeting to be held this morning (3 hours) in San Francisco.

The number one in the West and holder of the tournament’s best mark to date – only the Phoenix Suns equal a record 19 wins, 4 defeats – can count on another inspiring performance by Steve Curry, who also has a fresh chance to become in this match. Approaching a personal record.

Primary businessman Steve Kerr is chasing Ray Allen, who has the most triples in NBA history, and needs 23 more players to ever be crowned.

After passing Reggie Miller (2,560 in 1,389 games), Steve Curry (2951 in 784 games) took aim at the former champions in Boston and Miami (2973 in 1,300 games).

That challenge was within reach of the 33-year-old, who tested his goal while preparing for the last game – the defeat to the San Antonio Spurs -… on the bench and beyond the baseline. Successfully of course.

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