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Ball - Tabata: Tears farewell and condemnation of Robin Amorim (Sporting)

Ball – Tabata: Tears farewell and condemnation of Robin Amorim (Sporting)

He returned to Brazil, to represent Abel Ferreira’s Palmeiras, but before giving an interview to Sporting TV, he remembers the two years he lived with a lion on his chest. Tabata recalls unique moments from his childhood dream, such as the goal he scored against Pachos de Ferreira – “the most beautiful goal I’ve ever scored, the great goal” – praising the atmosphere he experienced in the locker room which, in his opinion, was crucial to the team’s success and certainty in relation to Ruben Amorim: “He will be one of the best coaches in the world, he is really tactical and he shows it every day. Our team, what they did in the last two years in the Champions League, in the league, in the cups, it was amazing. Last year we scored the same number of points as the year we were champions and we didn’t do it again just for details. Sir is a wonderful coach.”

He admitted that when Sporting’s interest arose, he did not even think twice, that Neto’s midfield is like a brother, among the many friendships he had made at Sporting, and of the four titles he won, the champion was distinguished. “It was a complicated day, I was injured and I remember the day was very tense. I felt we had to be heroes that day, waiting for the fans was a liberating moment and outsiders couldn’t help us…. It was the culmination of a heavy era, a pandemic, without fans.. 19 years without being a champion, but I think at that moment only that group could win the title. It was the perfect group for the moment the club was going through”, continued Tabata, who did not cry when he was invited to review the video that Sporting prepared for him About his best moments in the club.

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The Brazilian also admitted that he will never stop being a Sporting fan, that he will follow the club from a distance and will continue to strive for Sporting’s success. “This year, Sporting has everything to win!”