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Ball - “The European Championship will be in very high demand” (women's football)

Ball – “The European Championship will be in very high demand” (women’s football)

Portugal’s last test before the European Championship ended in a 1-1 draw, but the match against Australia left Francisco Neto feeling relieved.

The national coach was impressed by what he saw, especially regarding the corner team’s possession of the ball, but he was not shy about pointing out what needs to be improved.

“We always want to have the ball, it’s our DNA, but we also know we play against great teams and there are times when it just isn’t possible. Today we were clearly superior in that aspect, we were able to get more of the ball, the more we qualified to get the ball. , we want it.

I think we can improve on the finishing touches. We have to keep attacking until the last third.”

Regarding the European Championships to be held next July, Francisco Neto expects great difficulties. “The European Championship is going to be very difficult, with a very high level of demand. We still have a lot of time, we have a lot of training in the future and a lot of development. Let’s continue our work, that’s just what we focus on at the moment”, he stressed.

Regarding the injury of Jessica Silva, who was substituted at the start of the second half and who left the stadium at Estadio Antonio Coimbra da Mota, in Estoril, in tears, the national coach was wary: “I still have no information about the Jessica Silva state clinic. Of course, we always want Count on all the players and we will wait for the reassessment.”

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