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Ball - «The life of the master is very complicated ...» (choice)

Ball – «The life of the master is very complicated …» (choice)

Goncalo Guedes is pleased to be one of the 26 players invited by Fernando Santos to represent Portugal at the European Finals. The national selector, the winger believes, will have a “very complicated life,” game after game, determining which 11 will enter the field.

Season in Valencia: “Weigh nothing. It’s been a complicated season in Valencia, and now I’m completely focused on the national team. He thinks about the present and the future.”

The best candidates: “There are always favorite teams for everything they have done in the past and because of the players they have. We have to face every game to win and that is what we will do until the end.”

Difficult to play in the national team “A teacher has a very complicated life and that is very good. It is up to us to work every day to be at our best and make the minister’s decisions as difficult as possible. We just have to be ready for any decision.”

“Joker” by Fernando Santos: “I don’t know, I don’t know… these are the director’s decisions. I am ready to help at any time, whether it is one minute, two minutes, 30 or 90. We have to be ready to help the team and that is what I will do until the end of the European Championship.”

Worst European group: “I’m not saying it’s the worst group, it’s a tough group, it’s a draw… We have to accept it and go into all matches the same way.”

Hungary: “We have already analyzed Hungary’s strengths and weaknesses, we know they are a strong team, they play for all the balls until the end, they don’t make any offers to lose; they are strong aerial moves and physical as well. We have to get the ball and play a great game trying to get the crowd into our side “.

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Chosen vote of confidenceختار: “All the selected players have the confidence of the selector. Now is the time to get the most out of being in this great competition.”