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Ball - “The penalties for Taremi were well marked” (Vitoria de Guimarães)

Ball – “The penalties for Taremi were well marked” (Vitoria de Guimarães)

Vitoria de Guimaraes goalkeeper Bruno Varela was interviewed by Channel 11 and spoke about two penalties in the match against FC Porto, at Afonso Henriquez Stadium, in the 29th round of the league, on April 10, a match which the Dragon won. 1-0, Taremi goal, from the 11-meter mark, in the 36th minute – the Iranian misses a second penalty kick, in the 63rd minute.

The 27-year-old goalkeeper, who spent the second consecutive season in Guimarães and spent almost the entirety of training at Benfica, considers Joao Pinheiro’s performances well judged.

“I always analyze the matches when I get home. Then, on the first day, I do the analysis with the goalkeeper coach. In this movement (the first penalty kick), that’s what we talked about; I wasn’t in a good position. I was hoping Tarime wouldn’t be able to control on the ball, but he did. Then I still had time to get back into the goal, and I ended up not coming back, I was in the middle of the road and that’s what made me decide to leave the goal. The first thing I thought was I’d catch the ball first, but I regretted it halfway This has been discussed a lot, but frankly, if a striker in my team gets fouled, it would be a penalty for me. I accept the decision. He did his job, I shouldn’t have dealt with him like that”, he admitted.

In the second half, the blue and white striker got a penalty again but missed.

“If he had been a striker in my team, Oscar Estupinan or Bruno Duarte, for example, I would have accepted the penalty. He does not deserve to be a hypocrite. He was a ‘rat’, they say. Taremi does it very well … I was frustrated, because I I had studied this and had seen many similar moves before him. But in the game we make decisions. When he touched the ball, I was already raising my arm, because I knew he was getting close to my knee. He asked to call, but I accepted the penalty,” he noted.

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