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Ball - "The reaction to the biennial World Cup is emotional" (FIFA)

Ball – “The reaction to the biennial World Cup is emotional” (FIFA)

In an interview with the British TV channel FIVE, in a conversation with Rio Ferdinand, the former star of Manchester United and the England national team, who is currently on hold, Arsene Wenger commented on the constant refusal, shown by many footballers, coaches and clubs to offer the FIFA World Cup Biennials is being transformed instead of the model current every four years.

“Opposition to the biennial world championship is an emotional reaction. We do not need to be afraid. The modern fan is aware, demands and tests the quality of what he is watching. There is a demand for quality, and people today are aware and conscious. We have a responsibility to give them the best quality,” the former Arsenal coach said.

Wenger, who is now FIFA’s head of global football development, is leading a consultation on the new men’s international calendar for 2024, which includes the World Cup for the entire month of June and narrowing the gap from four to the proposals submitted. .

UEFA has repeatedly voiced its opposition to the proposals, with federation president Aleksander Ceferin threatening that European countries may boycott the new model of the biennial World Cup. European associations and the European Club Association are also against these plans.

However, Wenger makes clear that there are strong rationales for making the change, as he advanced his arguments: “What surprises me in a society that claims to be anti-discriminatory is asking someone in the street if the Women’s World Cup every two years is a good thing. The idea, people will say yes. “It’s great and will advance women’s football. So why is it bad for men? This shows that indecision is fundamentally emotional. We all grow up in this cycle every four years and just want to keep it that way. Our research tells us that younger generations are pro while younger generations are pros. over 50 years old is against it.”

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