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Ball - "The Resort Rebel" (Roller Hockey)

Ball – “The Resort Rebel” (Roller Hockey)

Guillem Cabestany, coach of Porto Roller hockey, admitted his mistakes in losing (3-4, after extra time) with Sporting, in the Europa League final, but also pointed to errors in refereeing.

“After these kinds of games, it is difficult to make an informed analysis. We felt we had won very soon and had never been inferior to Sporting, rather the opposite. I felt the superior team in many moments and we could win this match. They have a certain style, they are very good at this method, they have managed to “tie” the game and hold out when they are on the edge of an abyss and we, in this competition, at important moments, are not lucky, “the Spanish sports coach analyzed.

“There are very difficult decisions and arbitration decisions that did not help us at all. When you play the same types of games equally, with such tension, a little bit of detail makes all the difference. Then there was my mistake in overtime, in changing the fifth player, and the moment we made a tactical mistake, ”Kapustani said.

“I can’t direct anything to the team, this team is amazing. Some of them have reached two or three finals in a row, and they will not give us a prize, but that is important. The resort is disgusting, but reaching three European finals, winning or closing the tournaments … He stressed that these players deserved more to win this cup.