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Ball - "Thiago Thomas, successor to Cristiano" (Sporting)

Ball – “Thiago Thomas, successor to Cristiano” (Sporting)

The fame of Thiago Thomas, one of the young champions in Sporting, the recently recognized national champion of the 2020/2021 tournament, transcends all limits, prompting the growing interest of foreign clubs (Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Milan and Roma were among the historical slogans already associated with the striker) as well as from the foreign press.

After the unexpected Gazzetta dello Sport (Italy), based in Madrid (Spain), decided to separate the reporting team to Lisbon to learn about the history of the 18-year-old forward who played an important role in the historic conquest of Lyon.

For Spanish readers, the Portuguese under-21 international is presented as follows: “Thiago Thomas, Sporting thinks they have a successor, Cristiano.”

In addition to highlighting the striker’s record this season – the six goals signed in 2020/2021 made him the youngest sports goalscorer of this millennium, surpassing the marks of Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani and Quaresma, and it is also a comeback game that makes history, because it had never happened in the 114 years of the club that a footballer was able He trained at the club at the age of 18 from adding 37 matches in his first full season in the main team – AS spoke to the striker’s parents, Jorge and Fernanda Thomas, and his agent, Carlos Gonçalves.

“He has great mental strength and that makes a difference,” admits the Portuguese businessman, who leads ProEleven, representing André Villas-Boas, Marco Silva, Paulo Bento, Jorge Simão, Dalot or Gonçalo Paciência.

In both the paper edition and the electronic version, the Spanish newspaper Tiago Tomás introduces to a successful future, recalling the importance of Robin Amorim in the early and startling appearance of a sports enthusiast known simply as TT, the “rough diamond” that the technician does polish, as the Spanish newspaper expects.

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A strange story is also told about the number 19 worn by Thiago Thomas. AS says that Sporting boss Frederico Varandas will propose to him the number 7 for Cristiano Ronaldo, but TT has preferred to refuse. “I don’t want a president. It’s a lot of pressure. I’d rather be Thiago Thomas. I will use 19 … because he is the first out of every 9 “, the striker who dreams of integrating the stage of all decisions of the U-21 European Championship (Portugal will face Italy in 31, in the quarter-finals of the competition).