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Ball - “This incitement is harmful to athletes” (Sporting).

Ball – “This incitement is harmful to athletes” (Sporting).

Rogerio Alves, head of the Sporting General Assembly, explained to the club’s TV channel the reasons that prompted the Lions Council to hold a new meeting with the members, scheduled for next Saturday, on the day of the match with Moreirense in Alvalade.

The dispute revolves around the vote and approval of two of the most recent reports and accounts, which expired on September 30, as well as approval of the budget for this time.

The Board of Directors decided to request a re-vote on these reports and accounts. The office is an independent entity and has concluded that by law, there was room for a re-vote,” said Ruggiero Alves, explaining that the Sporting Laws would not allow a vote on the budget in this General Assembly.

“There was a request from the board of directors to do this on match day. It makes sense. It is important to have a lot of people who can vote and we have met with many requests. The deliberations, whatever it is, will be more robust and it is important for the club to validate the accounts. He stressed. However, we are at most six months away from the elections, and it is important that accountability be approved.”

In connection with some of the controversies surrounding the direction led by Frederico Varandas, Ruggiero Alves called for a union of the green and white universe.

“There is a disagreement, these governing bodies have never lived in a state of mercy, today they are diluted with the results of the teams. We respect the opinions of the people, we are happy, the results have been amazing and no one will be optimistic about what happened. All this with the focus of winning the football championship. The world of sports Happy, but I respect those who disagree. Sometimes I don’t understand but I respect. This incitement, objectively speaking, hurts the club. We are six months away from the elections and we have to do things without the club being harmed.”

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