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Ball - This is the eleventh year that readers voted on (Gallery) (La Liga)

Ball – This is the eleventh year that readers voted on (Gallery) (La Liga)

Over the course of eight days, ABOLApt readers voted for the best players in the 2021/2022 league, according to A BOLA’s “Best Player” rating. When the votes were closed (distributed by goalkeeper, right-back, central defenders, left-backs, midfielders, right, right and left), more than 135 thousand votes were counted.

The names subject to the vote resulted from the scores obtained by the components that determine, as objectively as possible, the resulting performance in matches. More than the percentage of correct or wrong passes, defenses made, passes, tackles or shots made, factors and accidents that characterize performance were taken: goals scored, active participation in their construction, goals saved and outstanding performances.

Points were awarded for each goal scored and generated, depending on the position its authors occupied on the field, with the highest scores awarded to members from the most backward sectors, as well as their impact on the final score, with bonuses also awarded to unbeaten defenders, goals that resulted in a tie or Victory or the only goal in the match as well as the substitutes used and which carried out valuable actions.

Goalkeepers, defenders and defensive midfielders were also recorded for the teams that did not conceded any goal, and the defending penalty kicks were also counted. To complement the value of each performance, exhibitions worthy of fame have been considered by the editors of A BOLA. Thus, those identified as the best in the field, with the same score or with one/two/three points lower, were rated equally. In any case – even with missed penalties or disciplinary warnings – there was no room for negative points.

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Discover the eleven made in the gallery above, based on the 4x4x2 system, with the most voted players. Thanks to everyone who participated.