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Ball - twists, hurdle between Simone Biles and gold (gymnastics)

Ball – twists, hurdle between Simone Biles and gold (gymnastics)

A great figure in world gymnastics, Simone Biles ended up in the Olympics for additional sporting reasons. After leaving the team final and giving up the singles final, the 24-year-old American is considering not playing in the all-fours singles final, for which she has already qualified.

At dawn on Friday, Simone Biles used social media to explain what had put the big favorite for gold in all gymnastics events in a quandary. Through a series of videos, however erased, Texans have tried to clarify what they call twistsBody and mind desynchronization, with many foam blocks falling during training.

“It’s the strangest feeling ever. I have no control over my body. The most terrifying thing is that since I don’t know where I am in the air, I have no idea how I landed. People don’t realize how dangerous this is on the surface of tough competition. Right now, I don’t know how to spin ”, he spoke on social networks.

Remember that this is a common problem among gymnasts. In March of this year, Britain’s Claudia Fragabani, 23, suffered a similar mental impairment and ended up spiraling out of control in a somersault and falling on her head. Her temporary paralysis led to her having to give up the Olympics.

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