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Ball - "Uribe is not a great player but a spectacle from one of the players" (FC Porto)

Ball – “Uribe is not a great player but a spectacle from one of the players” (FC Porto)

Uribe is FC Porto’s biggest loser in the match in Guimarães, with Sergio Conceicao unwilling to reveal who will replace him.

“I understand the curiosity to find out, there were even very interesting discussions about it, as I heard some opinions with quality and even solutions that were elusive to me. It is clear that the coaches always want to make all the players available, but if Mateus is not around, it could be Grujic, who knows the position, although the characteristics are different. Eustáquio can also do this and Otávio can go there. In a different midfield, he might be another player, perhaps more attacking, if the midfield is a little different. There are several options. Obviously, if Matthews was playing for something, he was. Like I said a year and a half ago, he wasn’t a great player, it’s a great spectacle for a player. He does an incredible job supporting the talent and quality of the team when it comes to scoring goals, creating positions and reaching the final third. With Matthews missing, there are high-value players ready to join in. He stressed that it was up to me to make the choice not to notice this absence.

The Porto coach says that the alternative will meet the conditions. “We are no longer a player this week to be an option. The player must be ready to go in immediately, and more so in a position in the central lane and in the middle sector, which is very important. We have full confidence that everyone will get a very positive response”, he confirms.

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