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Ball - Verissimo wraps up a possible title for Joao Mario: “It's good for everyone who has the chance to play..." (Benfica)

Ball – Verissimo wraps up a possible title for Joao Mario: “It’s good for everyone who has the chance to play…” (Benfica)

Benfica welcomes a sad Belenenses on Saturday (6pm) into their Round 29 match, with coach Nelson Verissimo unwilling to address the events that marked their first-round match, which the Reds won 7-0 over a team with the Covid outbreak. -19 and those who managed to enter with only 9 players. Belenenses SAD is now having a good moment and moving up the rankings.

Do you think the first round match left any trace, should the team give another answer to everything that was said at the time? “Did you go to the first round match months ago? I have nothing to say, in time the club took a stand, and the president spoke too. This game is over, it’s fixed, let’s focus on tomorrow’s match in the middle of a difficult cycle.”

What discount do you expect? Belenenses SAD has conceded only 1 goal in the last 4 matches. “It will be difficult, in the last 4 games he has always scored a goal, he is out of last place, he has aspirations to believe in keeping. We are ready for a tough match against an opponent who doesn’t have much to lose.”

Will you manage this match in the middle of a draw with Liverpool? “Above all, I realize that since the selections stopped and in 15 days we have 5 games of high difficulty. We will do the physical management and choose the most suitable, both physically and technically, for the game.”

Is it a good match for the return of Joao Mario? «It’s a good game for everyone who has a chance to play tomorrow to give as good a response as they did, regardless of whether they play a lot or a little. Those who play gave good answers, played a lot or a little gave an answer, they caused a good headache for the coach, who comes home to think about who is playing.”

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Between the two matches with Liverpool, how did you get a team with fans to think about the next match: “Corrego, the fans want us to play a good game and win tomorrow, that is our main concern. The task is difficult with Liverpool, but tomorrow we also have to be at our best.”

How does the chip change, Belenenses SAD defends well, how do you make the transition from one opponent to another? “We have to adapt, hero games have different requirements, the game has nuances that lead to different responses from focus. We have to change the slide, especially in this series of matches where you see the quality of the players and coaches.”